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What you don't know about  Vidnami, formerly known as content samurai.


Vidnami, is a software that can be use to create any kind of videos automatically without doing nothing.

 Here is how it work.
To create a video with Vidnami, you only need to have a script of the video content and paste it to Vidnami, after pasting your script, you would be asking to choose a template of your videos and right after chosing your you would have a choice of chosing the type of voice in which you want your script to be read. You can record your own voice, you can upload a file or simply choose any automatic reader for your script and your video would be ready in the next 2 or minutes depending on the length of your video.
vidnami discount

Vidnami, is a Japanese software create with the name"Content Samurai" which have been recently re-name to Vidnami.

you can create your free account with Vidnami, and you have 14 days free trial right from the moment you created your account.

Vidnami, automatically generate video content and images without copyright. Yeah, you here it right,the video created by Vidnami can be monetize on YouTube or anywhere.
vidnami youtube seo

About 40% of youtube videos and ads have been created with Vidnami

So I recommend you to check out this important software that can help you create and convert your content into videos.

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